Exit and entry support policies for staff of foreign-invested enterprises in Guangzhou

Updated : May 26, 2022

Foreign staff of foreign-invested enterprise headquarters identified by the Guangzhou government and their affiliated enterprises with a local registered capital of more than $30 million, as well as key foreign-invested enterprises that need multiple temporary entries, may apply for a one-year multiple-entry visa; senior foreign managers and foreign high-tech professionals of the above-mentioned enterprises who need multiple temporary entries may apply for a multiple-entry visa with a validity period of two to five years; and legal representatives, general managers, deputy general managers and chief financial officers of the above-mentioned enterprises may apply for a residence permit with a validity period of two to five years with relevant documents. Chinese employees of the above-mentioned enterprises who need to make business trips to Hong Kong and Macao may apply for an Exit-entry Permit for Traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macao and a multiple exit-entry endorsement for business visits. [Implementation Opinions of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government on Further Promoting the Utilization of Foreign Investment (Sui Fu〔2011〕 No 7) Article 11]

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