Baiyun hosts youth Xingshi competition

Updated : February 21, 2023

On Feb 18, Guangzhou's Baiyun district held a youth Xingshi competition with over 20 teams competing on the same stage. Xingshi, which literally means "lion awakening", is another name for local lion dancing in the Pearl River Delta regions.

The competition was also broadcasted live online and drew nearly 800,000 viewers.

For local residents, the lion-awakening dance represents the joy and excitement of festive occasions, as well as the courage and tenacity needed to attain great heights. The dance skills are passed down from generation to generation, as are the characteristics of courage and willpower to forge ahead that it encompasses.


Guangzhou's Baiyun district holds a youth Xingshi competition. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]

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