Baiyun to promote intangible cultural heritage

Updated : June 8, 2023

Baiyun plans to host a series of activities to celebrate Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, which will fall on June 10. This includes a fire dragon dance, a local crochet cultural products fashion show, and a high-quality development forum on the district's intangible cultural heritage items.

At the opening ceremony, 14 exhibition booths promoting Baiyun's intangible cultural heritage items, such as Cantonese-style water chestnut cakes, dough sculptures, as well as Yue-style embroidery, will be on display to the public.

Citizens will have the chance not only to feel the charm of Baiyun's intangible cultural heritage, but to also get first-hand experience in creating handmade works.

In recent years, Baiyun's efforts to protect and promote intangible cultural heritage items achieved significant results. The district currently owns 31 representative projects of intangible cultural heritage at the provincial, municipal, and district levels.


Baiyun plans to host a series of activities on June 10. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]

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