Baiyun holds Xiamao mango festival

Updated : June 16, 2023

On June 15, Guangzhou's Baiyun district held a Xiamao mango picking ceremony. Known as the "king of Lingnan fruit", Xiamao mangoes are one of China's most famous mango varieties due to their sweet taste.

Xiamao mangoes not only have the size of an egg, but are also as yellow as egg yolk. The skin of this mango variety is thin and can be eaten.

At the event, programs such as a poetry recital and a mango tasting activity were organized to boost Baiyun's Xiamao mango culture.

Of note, the district has been planting Xiamao mangoes since the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), which equals to a history of over 600 years. The oldest Xiamao mango tree in this district is 276 years old.

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The Xiamao mango picking ceremony. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]


Some Xiamao mangoes on display at the event. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]

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