Exquisite wampee dishes in Baiyun

Updated : July 18, 2023

Wampee, also known as the zhengqi fruit, is a fruit with numerous health benefits, which is why it is incorporated into so many Baiyun dishes.

This fruit is known for its abilities to alleviate cough, reduce phlegm, strengthen the spleen, stimulate appetite, promote fluid production, and quench thirst. With so many benefits, Baiyun's Longgang village has dedicated 1,500 acres to cultivating the finest wampee in Guangzhou.

The village's ideal climate and fertile soil contribute to the exceptional quality of the wampees grown here. This makes them highly sought after by fruit enthusiasts. The dedicated efforts of local farmers ensure that each wampee is carefully nurtured to perfection, resulting in a delectable fruit that showcases the richness and flavor of the land.

In addition to being eaten raw, the local villagers have also discovered creative ways to incorporate fresh wampee into other dishes, coming up with various recipes and cooking techniques to bring out the fruit's unique flavor.

In Baiyun, wampee is commonly served with meat dishes, such as braised pork trotters and abalone soup. When a wampee is ripe and peeled, it can be enjoyed as a sweet treat. Its pulp can also be used in various desserts, enhancing both the flavor and texture of these snacks.

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The wampee in Baiyun. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]

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