Visit Baiyun Mountain this Spring Festival

Updated : February 9, 2024

An orchid exhibition with love as the theme is also on show at the Moxing Ridge Scenic Area, where 9,999 orchids cascade down the mountain like a waterfall. 

The exhibition will continue until Feb 25. During the exhibition, visitors can make wishes at the Jixing Stone Wishing Platform on Moxing Ridge and receive a free wishing card for good luck. On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Jiulong Spring to the south gate of Moxing Ridge will host a dragon parade.


Orchids cascade down the mountain like a waterfall. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]

Also of note, the outdoor sightseeing escalator at Moxing Ridge is now open for free. Using a "boardwalk + escalator" format, visitors can easily reach the peak of Baiyun Mountain and ascend Moxing Ridge in 5 minutes. The escalator is open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 starting from Feb 5.


The outdoor sightseeing escalator at Moxing Ridge. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]

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