Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City

Updated : January 26, 2024


Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]

Guangzhou's Baiyun district recently held a conference on its digital technology industry, again drawing the world's attention to the Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City.

Adjacent to the Pearl River west channel and nestled by Baiyun Lake, the ecologically endowed Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City is witnessing the rapid aggregation of the digital economic industry. Advantages in transportation, education, healthcare, and other resources are continuously highlighted.

Significance of Development

As a central development platform for Baiyun's "one park, two cities, three districts, four capitals" initiative, the 28-square-kilometer Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City is positioned as a highland for the "Digital China" initiative, a collaborative innovation experimental zone for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and an innovation demonstration zone for the digital economy in the Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan area.

Since the development plan began in December 2018, the district has spared no effort in promoting the construction of Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City. By implementing development strategies that enhance industries, the environment, and urban quality, the industrial park is concentrating on key projects to promote integrated development.

Accelerated Aggregation of Digital Economic Industries

Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City, through targeted investment attraction in industries such as the metaverse, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, industrial internet, smart cities, and green energy, has attracted projects from major players such as Baidu Intelligent Cloud, Tsinghua Leaguer, and Peking University Science Park.

Within the park, 26 projects by various enterprises have been incorporated, with a planned total investment of 61.84 billion yuan ($8.66 billion). The cumulative completed investment is 40.33 billion yuan, with 5.14 billion yuan invested from January to September this year.

Among them, two technological transformation projects completed a transformation investment of 440,000 yuan, and 24 construction projects completed a construction investment of 2.74 billion yuan.

Upgrading Educational, Medical, and Transportation Resources

Although Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City already boasts a favorable ecological and industrial environment, the construction of supporting service facilities needs to be strengthened.

It is said that efforts should be intensified to attract investment in hotels, apartments, and commercial facilities. Additionally, the layout of high-quality resources in education, transportation, and healthcare should be expedited to develop this vital engine fully in the northern part of Guangzhou.

In the future, Baiyun Lake Digital Technology City is expected to accommodate a residential population of 280,000 and an employment population of 410,000. The planned total construction area is 27.5 million sq m, of which industrial construction is expected to reach 14.2 million sq m, with an estimated total investment of about 350 billion yuan.


Biayun Lake. [Photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]

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